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Reliable. Scalable. Secure.

Our History

About IPM Solution

While your business is all about taking risk and guarantee payment for uncertain events which can occur in the future – we provide security.

​Managing risks from evolving markets across the world requires a constant ability to change.​We create, maintain, and implement all lines of business – from private policies to commercial fleet.

Transforming complex tariffication elements into simplified business solutions that provides you and your employees with a flexible and intuitive design is a few of our core competences.​

With IPM-solution you can manage and control your entire business from one system – only one.

Our Team

Our team consists of highly skilled individuals, with a proven track record in both insurance know-how and international projects and implementations. We operate from all over Europe and the US which gives us a good understanding of cultural differences and work flow.

​We have more than 35 years of experience not just from the insurance business, but also as strategic advisors, technology development, data architecture and system design.

We see ourselves as process managers as well as project managers and we believe the best way to success is by creating it together.

​IPM-solution Insurance software system is originally built as a module concept covering all aspects of an insurance business. To simplify the complexity of the system – we have divided the system into sections to provide you with an overview.

About IPM Solution


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