A starting point to manage, improve and develop


IPM-Business is built to provide you and your business with an intelligent and efficient platform.

It is a unique starting point for managing, improving, and developing your level of customer service and sales effort.

Take advantage off IPM-Business as a single product or as a front-end system on top of the IPM-Solution software system.

Integrated Benefits:

  • Quick search functionality displaying the entire portfolio in seconds.
  • Save or download images, documents, files, notes etc. by drag & drop.
  • Communicate with you customers safe and secure from IPM Business to their unique “MyPage”.

Flexibility Benefits:

  • Customize customer overview, dashboard and e-mail functionality based on your need.
  • Control accessibility to lines of business, customer groups and inboxes to secure data.
  • Define customer details to be displayed – key figures, relations, premiums, claims ratio and more.

IPM-Business is an CRM system that is an edition of our core system. Read more about our complete insurance policy management system, IPM-Solution.